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Saturday, April 17, 2010

A new Designer

So once again I am given a pattern to try out from a new designer to see if the it is well written. I went to the Bridal Department to look for silk, something in a pattern that also has a matching chiffon so that I could make a scarf with which to touch it off in the end. This particular print also came in green, but I am constantly told that not many customers will wear green. Then why do we carry so many fabrics in green? It is my favorite color. I always want to make everything in green. The blouse is really quite lovely, but you can't really see because it needs to be worn. It has four darts at the neckline and four more darts at the hem. Very simple and a design for just about any body. I think the sizing runs a bit big.

This is the back. It has two neckline darts and two hem darts. The only flaw in this pattern and it is quite important, is that the designer omitted interfacing the button facings. No matter the fabric, you always interface the facings. Button holes or whatever the closure, need that support. Of course, I interfaced this blouse with a nice woven iron-on interfacing by Palmer Pletsch. Then I wrote a note for the buyer that the instructions will have to be addressed.

The darts really play with the linear designs of the printed silk.

The sleeve is just a simple little cap, hand sewn, very simple. You can't even see my stitches in the hemming.

This is the chiffon scarf draped over the top of the blouse. I just love how the lines play and yet there is nothing long which would create largess.

The pattern is put out by "Colette" and is called 'Sencha'. Next to it are my notes. I did also note that the pattern called for almost 1/2 yard more fabric than I needed to make the blouse. And when you are paying for an expensive silk, that can be costly. But all in all, if I were inclined to wear a blouse like this, I might make several in different fabrics - silk, linen, delicate cotton, charmeuse, rayon. This blouse can be worn with all different styles of skirt, pant, jeans even.

A nice piece.

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  1. as always - masterful. How I miss watching you create in your own space! Thankfully, we have this vehicle so that I can have my vicarious wanderings into your creativity!