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Monday, April 26, 2010

Lorraine Torrence

Once again, a new pattern maker to us. I was given this pattern and asked to make up this little jacket using the Cara Serenity fabrics. The pattern is called "Grainline Gear - Noren Ensemble". I love the line of fabrics. I have created a similar style of jacket in the past that was hugely popular. But the color way I chose this time was different. Last time is was in blues, browns and greys. This time, I used a vibrant green and two blues, one deep and one neutral. I wanted the green to come out but I didn't want to use a lot of it.

The pattern was easy to follow. The only flaw was that the button loops were not spaced evenly which would have been OK, except that it did not match the picture on the pattern, and the spacing was awkward. So when I added the loops, I spaced them evenly - just because~~~.

The back has three layers. The deep blue is the longest layer. The green is the middle layer which, when it came time to hem, I did a bit of a decorative stitch which you can only see if the wind is blowing and the top layer opens.

The sleeve is made in an interresting manner and ends up having a little open placket. It only serves for interest. It doesn't have a button although you could put one there if you wanted to. But I try to make things according to pattern because customers are so visual.

This is a detail of the back and the open flap. You really can't see the true colors. I have to work on that. But it is a lovely piece in all and will do very well on display. It should sell a lot of patterns and a lot of fabrics. I imagine I will be called out of my sewing room a lot and questioned about my little details. That always happens when it comes to an art piece. The last jacket I made like this, I quilted a tiny piece and covered a button with it which was the only button on the jacket. I can't tell you how many customers I demonstrated the technique to in my sewing room.

So I gave a high recommendation to the pattern maker.

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  1. I'll have one in red tones - ruby to tomato. Exquisite - as always - your work is undeniably beautiful.