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Monday, April 26, 2010

Bird Display

This is a display that I really love. The fabrics are all reproduction fabrics from the 1930's. We have a book called "A Stitch In Time" which I have mentioned in a previous entry when I made the Molly doll. It is a really great book which is loaded with wonderful things to create.

The cage is mine, or really my sister's. There are two birds inside and there is dried moss on the bottom of the cage. Not something you would normally see in a bird cage. But it is visually eye catching. And our customers love it.

Here is Molly. She is stitched to a miniature ironing boards which I have covered and she sits in front of the bird cage being that is is made of the same collection of fabrics. She is constantly touched. Very loved.

And this is Karen Bryce who creates all the displays for everything that I create for the store. She is tremendously imaginative and resourceful. We really connect quite wonderfully and we have a marvelous relationship. Three more birds are attached to branches that grow out from the cage I have little hope that they will survive the display. I think they will be taken. But they are easy to make and I can whip up more if necessary. You can see a yellow and green star. That is a huge pin cushion, part of the display. We sold out of the books the first few days. Thing is, one by one, I am creating almost every item in the book, which is rare. Right now, I am home doing the embroidery work on making two buckets from the book. It is rare to find an art book that you just want to make everything. At least for me. Often times, I will browse a book, maybe be interested in one or two things, at most, but I won't buy. I'll take a couple of notes. Of the hundreds of books I look at it is rare I will want to own. This book, I not only own, I sell it to anyone remotely interested.

I think once the display is entirely finished, I am going to send pictures and a text to the author. If I was an author, I would want to know that such a big store is featuring my work in such a big way. Wouldn't you?

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  1. That's a great idea, authors love knowing what their creations are doing :)