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Monday, April 19, 2010


It is 1:30 in the morning. I have been working on a Gail Wilson doll for my baby sister, Linda. Creating the body, tiny stitches, stuffing it just so, so there are no lumps, attaching the arms and legs and then finally, creating the nose, are the most difficult parts of working the doll. I am finally finished.

So I went out on the porch to have a cigarette. I did something I never do. I turned on the light to take a look at my tree. I noticed earlier today that it was rather dry. I should begin watering more often than once a week. The weather is turning warm and it needs more water. I noticed that it dropped some leaves. I am concerned. So I wanted to take a close look at it. I mentioned in an earlier blog that it was producing these little balls and was excited to see what these were going to turn into.

Flowers. Very tiny. 3/16ths of an inch. Little white flowers. I am thrilled to no end. I will photo this when it is in full bloom. I can't believe it. My tree is a flower producing one. I didn't know. What a surprise. I am happy beyond words.

What a life!

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