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Saturday, March 27, 2010

My sister and I

"You know Dear, I too am a size 6. I just choose to wrap myself in cellulite to protect the beautiful package. Kind of like bubble wrap."

When we grew up, Denise forever remained thin while I waged a life-long battle with weight. I came across this little amusing comment some time ago and whenever I think of it, my heart laughs. Time to share it with everyone.

I no longer agonize over my body. I am content. It suits me. My sister remains the lovely creature that she has always been, only I am no longer embarrassed to stand with her. Because she is showing me I am lovely too. Niiiceee.


  1. this picture makes me smile and smile. Look at the two of you. I'd recognize YOU anywhere - your smile is still the same! And Oh My Gawd Pauline - look at those feet!

  2. You are cute as a button. It's so hard to see ourselves as others truly see us. You are gorgeous, and I love your feet because I share them and wish mine were as pretty.

    What's funny about this picture is that you seem to love posing in your dress and I look like I think the dress is going to attack me any minute get me out of this thing.

  3. What's with the feet. I wish I could still get shoes like the ones I had as a little girl. I loved some of my shoes. These little ankle numbers are just to die for. I know women love heels and glittery things. But not me. I love basic round toe leather shoes with straps and I can never ever find them.

    And D- you DO look like "GET ME OUT OF THIS THING!"