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Saturday, March 20, 2010

This from chocolate

The champaign with its endless fleece
Of feathery grasses everywhere!
Silence and passion, joy and peace,
An everlasting wash of air ---
Rome's ghost since her decease.

Such life here, through such lengths of hours,
Such miracles performed in play,
Such primal naked forms of flowers,
Such letting nature have her way
While heaven looks from its towers!

How you say? Let us, O my dove,
Let us be unashamed of soul,
As earth lies bare to heaven above!
How is it under our control
To love or not to love?

Robert Browning

from "Two in the Campagna"

I have found a new candy bar that has poetry under its cover. Poetry so beautiful I want to eat nothing but this chocolate, be damned all other food, just to be able to read, to be touched by the words that have me mesmerized.

It is confusing to know just who produces this candy. Their name seems to be hidden. Everything seems to be about the chocolate. This one is Crystallized Australian Ginger and 65% rich Belgian dark chocolate from The Carribian and Africa. Oh. It is put up by Chocolove. They hide their name. How unusual in this modern age when it is all about self-agrandizement. Beautiful wrapper.

It has taken me three days to eat this. I love chocolate. I could have eaten it in one day. In one sitting. But I am more disciplined at this point in my life. It took me three days to get to the poem. I wonder if all of their poems will be like this - thought-filled.

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  1. Sounds like Love Letters, I collect the wrappers and mount them on a sheet of posterboard--very romantic and lovely to meditate over in the morning :)