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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Linda's Bonsai

My brother Phillip who lives in Florida sent this beautiful bonsai, a Gardenia Japonica, to my sister Linda. It is really a gorgeous one, very healthy. It requires sun and constant care. Linda was afraid she would lose it during this delicate time in her life, so she asked me if I could take care of it for awhile. Of course, I could not deny her. I am a lover of the bonsai. I went out for a walk with my mother and found a rock to put under the tree to "landscape" it. It is a large rock. It reminded me of the kind of rock that we would find, climb, and jump off of as children.

It had two buds on it. One dropped off which distressed me. But the second one bloomed. It sits in the west window of my apartment and gets sun all afternoon. Every day I pick it for spent leaves. I dote over it. I let it soak in a sink full of water every three days for an hour. The perfect life!!

I tried to get a close up of the flower, but, as many pictures of it as I took from as many angles, they all came out blurry. This is as good as it got.


  1. Lovely. Do you have the manual for that camera or do I have it somewhere? There should be a macro setting on the camera, something that allows you to take closeups of the subject. Typically it has a tulip-type flower icon to identify it.

  2. the gardenia is lovely and very temperamental! Mine always appreciated a nice soft water spray every week. The fragrance - divine!

  3. I will see if I can find that icon. And then I will buy a spray bottle so I can mist this tree. i keep saying I should get one and always forget. Now I will remember