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Sunday, August 21, 2011

New Technology

George and I made plans to go out and run a few errands today. I needed to go to the pet store to get some crushed walnut shells for making pin cushions. I have some kimono fabrics that Suzanne gave me and scraps of other fabrics I can use. And some great ideas. Also, in the storage area which is just down the road a few miles, there is a banana box that does not have a cover. It is spilling over any time we go in there and I believe there are kimono fabrics in that box. A big box. I can do a lot with that.

Also.... I have an account with Netflix. I have had it for several years. I was shipped three movies maybe two or three weeks before moving here to New Hampshire and have held on to them ever since. So, that means I have had them for over two months. Denise finally nudged me into plugging in my DVD player and watching them. So, yesterday I did that. My little television is so old that it only has one plug socket, and that is for the cable. When I emailed her about it being so primitive her reply was that she was truly not surprised.

She knows me well. So while at the storage space I have another television. A bigger one and hopefully, one with more connections. But George was rather doubting that we could find it as he was sure it would be quite buried. And when I opened the door, I had to agree. Disappointing.

So, off we went. We had to go to Target to pick up a prescription for his mother and while there, we checked on ::::::

I know. It's really skinny. So he was taking it out of the box and I was plugging in the plugs and waiting for the box that went to it. I didn't know that this was it. It's just this thin thing!!! It doesn't weigh anything, it doesn't take up any room. It's very light. There it is!!~~~~~

And it was on sale so it cost only $159. George agreed to help me set it up although he admitted he had a difficult time setting up his and his mother's. But this is not a really complicated one and while he was trying to read the instructions, I had figured it out. ME. And I'm not a techie. I set up the picture quality, size, channels, and even hooked up the DVD player. ME!!! Do you hear me Denise?

I can't believe it myself. I am going to register it and when I do, I am going to compliment the "Philips" Company for finally producing a piece of equipment even I can understand.

When I first arrived in NH, George and I were at BJ's which is one of those big lot shopping places and he saw these televisions there and he was going to throw one in the cart for me but I talked him out of it. I told him I was happy with the old one I had. Things change, eh! He is a dear one.


  1. this is a lovely gift indeed! Congrats on your skills with the technology! You know what they say - necessity is the mother of invention!

  2. I love the TV. What size is it? Does it play dvds? or did you plug in the dvd player to watch the movies? I'm totally in shock that you beat George at figuring out the connections. Totally.

  3. Oh, I can now see that you also plugged in the dvd player! By yourself? Wow! Now you need to donate the old TV to charity. I'm sure someone out there wants it. If you can believe it, someone at your old apartment actually wanted that big old Trinitron TV out of the garage! The flatscreens are great. Truly. Thank you George!!!

  4. It is the smallest size they make. 19". You know me. I don't like big TVs. Still, at 19 inches it looks pretty big. I took the old TV and put it in the sewing room. I hooked it up to the cable connection and I can get all the basic channels that you get without a box. That way, I can watch my soaps while I am sewing. I know... soaps????