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Friday, December 30, 2011


I was just watching the news and at the end, they did the usual end of the year showing of photographs of people who passed during the year. I saw Andy Rooney's picture and I was confused. I knew that he stopped broadcasting on "60 Minutes", because he felt it was time to retire. That was in October. It was my sister's birthday on the 2nd. I remember that night because I said to myself that "Now there is someone I am going to miss!" But I heard nothing of him since.

I was watching this realing of people on television and at first I thought they were showing some of the great names in film and TV. There were some faces that I was sure were still alive. Then as the images were going past, slowly it was coming to me that these people are no longer with us. So I looked up Andy.

There it was. He died November 4th. He entertained me until he passed. I just sat here and cried..... I am still crying.

He said things so many people wanted to say and couldn't. And when he was admonished for his opinions, he apologized in ways you could barely understand the apology, but they were accepted. It is one of the great things I adored about him. And I loved his face. I often thought how I would love to cook for him and his wife. I could see him loading his fork full of food and woofing it down, appreciating every bite. I would love to have heard the sound of his voice at the dinner table.

Whenever I have a hero, I always want to cook for that person. I just love feeding people. He has written books. I guess now I will have to get the books and keep his words with me that way. The snickers and laughter.

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