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Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I, like so many, am waiting for winter. It is not necessarily about the snow, although the snow is so important, It is also about the ice that collects from the edges of the roof tops and watching them sweat when the sun hits them. The light cloud of breath as I run to get my mail in the late night hours. I suspect this year there will be the children across the street throwing snowballs and building weird snowmen. It has been eight years since I have seen a live snowman. And then there is the silence that comes with the snow. I will open my window to hear it. Crisp, white and quiet.

I have missed the New England winters.

It is a few days till Christmas. My ornaments are designed and pretty much finished. I only have four left to make. Today I designed a wonderful apron for my niece. I can't load it up here as it's a present yet to be given. I still have a pin cushion to design and a kimono silk scarf. What I love about these presents is that I get to do everything from scratch - no patterns. Only now, unlike in the past, I am recording my patterns. People always say, "can you make me one?" but in the past I never recorded my patterns. I am learning. I am also discovering that I love designing.

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