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Friday, December 30, 2011

Talk about getting it wrong

I do not like little bugs. Flies, small beetles. Anything that can get in my ears when I am sleeping. But I do love beautiful insect like this.

It is beautiful, isn't it. A true work of art.

So I get this email from my sister Suzanne yesterday asking me if I have a cutting board. She was given one for Christmas and thought I might like the one she has.

Now, because my brain is always in the sewing mode, I think she is talking about the cutting board that I have on my cutting table. I write back that I currently have one, but save the one she has because I go through them often. And because I don't have much room here, I suggest we could keep it at Linda's.

Then she tells me, after three or four emails, that it is a kitchen board...........

I felt so stupid.

I immediately write back. I would love to have it as I don't have a cutting board here. We haven't found my board in storage and I am using this piece of wold that comes from a craft store that you would normally decoupage.

Poor Suzanne must think I am getting really senile.

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