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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Didn't happen

To my dear baby sister Linda :

You gave me three cookies for Christmas from Van Otis Chocolate. For those who are not familiar with Van Otis, they have been making chocolates locally for generations. If you want to make my mother happy, give her a box of Van Otis, then take her picture. She looks best with melted chocolate at the corners of her mouth. All of us do. It means we have just indulged in nirvana.

These three cookies are made from the original Oreo cookie dipped in Van Otis chocolate and simply wrapped in thin tin foil. Nothing grandiose about it. Understated. Deadly. Now I have not eaten chocolate in, well, since the 23rd, I had a piece of Suzanne's chocolate poof. It was wonderful. I have decided to remove chocolate from my plate. I gave two of these cookies away at our family's Christmas gathering. One to George, and one to PJ. I think I mentioned him. My nephew whom I haven't seen in many years. So I came home with only one. And it has been sitting, occasionally noticed on my beautiful country table in the middle of the kitchen. I just now ate it. I had to cut it into tiny pieces as my teeth do not allow me to bite into hard things. So I was quite delicate about the affair.

So now what am I supposed to do? My whole body is screaming ADDICTION!!!! I guess I have to be - god I hate this word - grateful. Grateful that I only had one in the house rather than a whole box. I am rolling my eyes and I imagine you, the reader are snickering right now.

So what didn't happen?

I didn't get my driver's license. We could not go in the morning. George forgot that he had a contractor coming over to check on the heating system in his house. Make sure everything is working properly before the bad weather hits. OK. No problem. We arrived at the DMV, the Department of Motor Vehicles at 1:15. I thought there would be plenty of time. Lots of people there, big line. I realize I needed to fill out a form and was able to get that while waiting in line. Finally, at the counter, I find out I needed another form of ID like a proof of residency. I had two ID's, my picture ID from Oregon and my birth certificate. Not enough. Need a bill or something with my current address on it. Se we headed home for this. I just took the book I keep all the bills to be paid in. We went back, stood in line, came to the counter. Great, she said. No, I believe she said, perfect. Then... the bomb drops.

"You are Pauline Messier? And Lareau? You are married? Do you have your marriage certificate?" No. That's in Oregon. We need your marriage certificate.

So we went to City Hall to get a duplicate and decided to go back tomorrow morning at 8:00 when they open. It was too late by that time. They close at 4:00 and there were so many people waiting that our chances of going through the testing process was very slim. My anxiety which was already sky high just got out of control. George is wonderful. He is so calm with such a great sense of humor that he just stabilized me. OK. Tomorrow. It's OK.

More study time. I will forget it all by tomorrow morning.


  1. You will be fine - you've already done the hard work!!! Sending best wishes ... and love.

  2. The chocolate story is hilarious. And why can't you chew hard things? Sending all the best wishes for a successful driving test!