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Friday, October 9, 2009

Cancer Quilt

At the store, a few of us got together to make a Cancer Comfort Quilt for a vendor who is a very close friend to Julie, one of our buyers and just a great person in her own right. In the center you can see this double swirled pointed block. That is the very center of the quilt which is made of all black, white and strong pink fabrics. I made two blocks, like so many of us did. My blocks are to the right and left of the center block. What an honor. They are hand appliqued of course and also have some embroidery which is mostly what I know when it comes to quilting. The women who contributed to this put in some incredible personalities to the endeavor. I have never seen anything like it. There are even blocks that are hand-painted organza. I was so impressed to see so much caring in this. I am humbled. If I ever encounter such a thing again, I will not hesitate. It just brings me to tears.

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