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Sunday, October 11, 2009

When is a yard not a yard

So I am cutting these Noren curtains for four sushi restaurants here in Portland and for the first time I realize that my cutting mat is only 35" long not 36. Who would make a mat 35 inches? How absolutely stupid is that? How many things have I mis-cut thinking it was 36 inches? How much we take for granted. Yards, feet, inches.... Pounds are the worse. Remember the days when you could buy a pound of coffee? It doesn't come that way anymore. You say, well, the price of coffee has gone up. but also, the weight of the so called pound has gone down.

So I had to re-cut the curtains. Not really a waste because there will be more curtains ordered and I will use the fabrics cut for other restaurants. I wish they would open one in this neighborhood. How wonderful it would be to walk out the door and get sushi. And to know them so well that you just have to tell them your name and they just put a package togeter for you. I had a sushi restaurant in Manchester NH like that. It was a minute from my house and I would just call and say "Hi, it's me! Half hour?" And I would show up.

I figured out how to make a pair of socks in an evening. Make them for preemies. Such a pair is in this picture in front of a pair of my shoes. I don't think I was even born with a foot that small. Aren't they cute?

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  1. i too have a giant foot. We'd look pretty silly with small ones, wouldn't we? Love the little socks - send me the pattern? I echo your sentiment around a familiar sushi place. We are all looking for our place in the universe - as in the song, "where everybody knows your name"! Forget the name, bring on the Spider Roll!
    Keep this beautiful work coming to us...