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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A day of weather

Normally on a day like this I would never leave the house. On a day off from work with the wind blowing at a hundred miles an hour and the threat of rain, it is cold, what is so important that I should find the need to put on pants, long shirt, wool shirt over that, my winter coat, a hat, and leave the silence of my house? But I have not been to therapy in over two months and that is really pushing it. My ego is all over the universe and I need a voice. Even at the last minute I thought to cancel but - again?! So off I went and was able to arrive early enough to knit for awhile. It was good to get the stress out. Stress wreaks havoc on my ego and I just want to hide. I am no longer suicidal. I am homicidal.

Thank god for art. What do people do with their anxieties and their bug-a-boos without a creative outlet? Great things come from deep places. Great things have been coming out of mine, as we will all see in the coming weeks here. I am so greatful for the abilities of my hands and my imagination.

I am now setting up my Etsy site. Maybe I can finally sell. That is the next goal.

The scarves are turning out really well. Time to show them and if they sell - wonderful. Just wonderful. No expectations, but great hopes.

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  1. Remember how we loved those weather days at Migdale? When we would literally be snowed in and the caretaker wouldn't bother to plow? Good for you that you took care of yourself and went to therapy - and let me say that I KNOW you are going to astonish us with your new projects. Cannot wait!