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Friday, October 9, 2009

Store Displays

These are two items I made for display at the store. The pillows are Moda Homespun fabrics and the designs are all wool felts. The pattern is Indygo Junction of course. "Changing Seasons" featuring a pillow for each season. These are summer and fall. I couldn't make them on my time at work. I did this on my own time at home. I am not compensated for this but the work is peaceful and satisfying and so I don't mind. It keeps technique fresh and the fingers nimble. I love watching customers staring at the work admiring it and wondering if they can do it. I will often walk up and tell them how simple it is, and offer to guide them if they need help. A mini class if they need. Often, a customer will bring in a project needing encouragement. It makes my job interesting. Plus, when I am working on these things at home, it is better than sitting around watching "Dancing with the stars" eating popcorn and drinking beer.


  1. I think your attitude about these creations is dead on. I would feel the same way. Beautiful work.

  2. sensational work, as always - you are the cream at the top. Sometimes I think - these are TOO perfect - how DOES she do this????