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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Trench Coat

This is the latest creation for my store. This coat is made from Home Decorating fabrics. The pattern is by Serendipity Studio, Boutique Chic. It's their Sophia Trench Coat. Very simple. Not something I would wear in my entire life. The pattern did not include pockets. This amazed me. Imagine a coat without pockets. So I added them. The first pockets I made from the giraffe fabric but when I finished, both Julie, who makes all the final decisions on all the displays for the store and in whose opinion I humbly rely, and I, agreed that they were too loud, too "cute", too "artsy". So we agreed to make them the same fabric as the coat with a trim of the contrast fabric. It changed the entire look of the trench. More sophisticated. Now more appealing to a larger viewpoint of women. Of course, you see the button. I love creating buttons, especially when I can cover them myself. I have even at times quilted tiny pieces of fabric and covered buttons with them. I think covered buttons really can make a garment. I also added a very long tie that wraps around twice with a good size channel at each side seam for easy threading. Nothing worse than constantly trying to find the belt loops especially when you are in a hurry to leave the office to catch the train.

Julie took the coat home to wash hoping to soften the fabric. I am told that although successful, unfortunately the giraffe contrast was not entirely colorfast and it looks faded. I have not yet seen it. They are hoping that, with a good pressing, it might look better. I will post the outcome.


  1. Your friend in the northeast would love to have this coat today when the wind blows the rain against you and ruins your morning! I see it in a different color way, of course. Your work is just spectacular. I hope that they appreciate what a gem they have in you!!!!

  2. So the coat came back after being washed and I was warned that the fabric was not in good condition. But after I pressed it, it looked very good. I love pressing clothes. I went inside and pressed all the seams flat then gave the outside a good press. It is sitting now on the mannequin waiting to go out to the floor. Our computer person has to make a write-up on it which then gets lamninated. That way, customers will se what pattern was used and what fabrics. I believe it will go out on the floor Friday, Nov 6th.