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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bad Word Gods

It looks simple. It is simple. But it is all I need to accomplish the work I do at the store. Finally. I have been complaining for over two years about how horrible the machine is that I have been working with. Horrible button holes. Almost every time I would begin to sew the thread would pull up and I would have to re-thread the needle. How annoying and always worthy of a swear word in two languages. A startled beginning that would inevitably create a pull so heavy on the thread that it would turn violently around the stem and the thread would wind around the stem and if I didn't notice, eventually I would end up with a pulling mass on whatever I was working. Swear, swear swear. No matter what I did, never a perfect tension. Ad nauseum. I have been leaving hints to the powers that be for years. "Oh, Pauline, that is exquisite!" Thank you, I would reply, swearing in my spirit. Amazing being with the machine I have to work with~~~ But over and over again, nothing was done.

Then, on Tuesday, talking to my sewing student Shelley, who manages Montavilla Sewing Center who provided us with this machine, I was telling her how I have been trying to get my office to allow me to get a newer machine. She looked surprised and then declared that it had nothing really to do with them. All I had to do was to go into the store and pick out whatever I wanted and they would swap it out. My current machine was no longer even made !

I love Montavilla. They are so patient with me and so helpful. I have taken my frustrations to them over the years and they have always been able to come up with solutions to my dilemmas. Most of the time it has been something to do with the impossibilities and limitations of the machine. But I never asked if I could replace it. I should have long ago.

So, yesterday I went in and it took all of 15 minutes. I think this is good.

I could have picked something more expensive, but to what end. This is all I need.

I have quite a collection of feet from the years of working the old one. I made sure I got the same manufacturer so I could use these feet. Plus, I like Janome. I have been with that company since I started using 'New Home' what, over 20 years ago. I like them. Their machines have been good to me. Well made and complete. And their selection of feet is pretty good.

This face is also simple and gives me all the information I need without my having to read a novel. I haven't even read the manual completely yet and I was able to use it for the day to work on the red dress which I will blog within the next few days. I really am not very good with complicated instructions.

These are the basic stitches the machine offers. For dressmaking, what more do you need. Notice that it has 7 different buttonhole offerings at the bottom. 7!! And this machine will cut your thread for you when you are at the end of your stitch.

One of my students spent thousands of dollars on her machine. It is very large. And it does everything. It is a robot. You press a button and sit back practically. But I noticed one thing. It does not have the measure markings clearly visible. New Home is noted for great markings.

I decided that instead of putting all of my feet in the flip pocket of the machine, I went out into the store and got a small plastic box and put everything in that along with all the needles. I noticed that before, I had feet in several locations and it seemed that sometimes I had to search for the foot I needed. Now, they are all in one spot.

I didn't swear once yesterday. The Bad Word Gods are going to miss me.


  1. wonderful! What a great day for you! I am so very pleased

  2. Finally! You got brave and asked! And it paid off. Have fun with the new tool.