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Monday, May 10, 2010

A Very Fine Gift Indeed

It doesn't look like tequila does it? It looks like maybe a very refined bottle of olive oil. Or truffle oil. But it is not.

This, my friends, is a small bottle of Zircon Azul Reposado 100% Agave organic Tequila from the volcanic highlands of Mexico. It is aged in white oak whiskey barrels in Arandas Jalisco, Mexico for a year and then poured in these lovely little hand blown blue bottles. From what I read, the tequila is sipped as it is or with orange wedges and cinnamon.

So, how did I come to have this? This afternoon at work, Julie stops me to say that Trudy, whose family owns Fabric Depot, will be bringing by a friend who needs a banner made and thought I might tackle this in the course of my work day. So, in he comes around five when I am supposed to be giving the cashiers their breaks on a day when I am not supposed to be doing this. I am listening to his ideas. It is a simple banner. It's just big. Very big. the questions is getting the image stitched into the the center. It's a huge "Om" symbol. I am delighted. Not a problem. I can do this. Thing is, how much time do I have? I am doubly pleased. I have two weeks. I can do this.

It comes to light that this man, and I forgot to bring his card home, is known as "The Tequila Man". Does this mean he is of the family who makes this tequila? As this is a family owned product. I am not sure. I will bring home the card on Wednesday and see what it says. I leave him and Trudy to go pick out fabric so I can begin my floor commitment and meet up with them when I am through. I will have some work to do on the symbol. He has drown it down on paper but it is not quite full enough. I take them to my sewing room to show him where the work will be done, and he takes this lovely little bottle out of his pocket for me. It is nice. It is also expensive.

I am going to give this to Denise, my incredible sister. She will sit on her boat with a book and sip away on a peaceful beautiful evening, the water lapping against the hull, maybe listening to the distant voices of other boaters. The weather is getting better and the boaters are coming in soon, setting up for the summer. Denise has done so much for me. Surely such a fine tequila would be a great gift for her. I just know she will love it. And I have a loaf of bread I made for her too. It will be nice.

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