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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Coat

This is a pleather. It is not an easy fabric to work with. You have to layer it with tissue when working on the right sides. The inside of course has a liner and is simple to deal with. But this coat is totally top stitched. It is lost in the photography.

The pattern is beautiful. It was perfect for this fabric. Stitching in shoulder pads, the right buttons, making sure all the seams were perfect. Ironing was a challenge, but not that impossible. A good muslin press cloth is all it took. I never once melted the fabric.

The challenge was the buttonholes. I couldn't make them with tissue as the paper got caught in the zig zag and was impossible to remove. So I went to Montavilla Sewing Center and got a teflon foot and solved that problem. I should have done the entire project with that foot. I wouldn't have needed to use tissue at all. As much as I know, I have more to learn.

I was able to get perfect button holes. This is the lining. It is a textured charmeuse made to look like kimono silk. But it is polyester. It has some static cling. But it is stunning. I love linings that don't match perfectly but end up being the perfect lining.

I am pretty proud of this piece. Julie will be wearing it to a quilt show coming up. I think she loves it too.


  1. Great job, Pauline! and great pictures! Kudos for the pictures!

    You should put a link to Jody's blog on your blog so that people can go to her site and see what you're talking about when you describe her amazing gardening pictures.

  2. Maybe the next time you are here you can show me how to do that.