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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Gift from salted chocolate

I love thee

I love thee, as I love the full,
Clear gushings of the song,
Which lonely--sad--and beautiful--
At night-fall floats along,

Pour'd by the bul-bul forth to greet
The hours of rest and dew;
When melody and moonlight meet
To blend their charm, and hue,

I love thee, as the glad bird loves
The freedom of its wing,
On which delightedly it moves
In wildest wandering.

I love thee as I love the swell,
And hush, of some low strain,
Which bringeth, by its gentle spell,
The past to life again.

Such is the feeling which from thee
Nought earthly can allure:
'Tis ever link'd to all I see
Of gifted--high--and pure!

Eliza Acton

From inside the wrapper of a Chocolove Almond & Sea Salt in Dark Chocolate bar. I love these kinds of gifts.

Jody, tomorrow I am sending you a package. So look for it this week~~~~~~


  1. Eliza Acton was actually a pretty interesting woman. She was British, a poet and a cook, who lived in the early 19th century. She is credited with having written "one of the country's first cookbooks aimed at the domestic reader rather than the professional cook or chef, "Modern Cookery for Private Families". In this book she introduced the now-universal practice of listing the ingredients and suggested cooking times with each recipe. It included the first recipe for Brussel Sprouts." [from Wikipedia] She died in 1859 at age 60.

  2. I think I will look for this cook book. Do you think it is still available? I will find out.

  3. I honestly don't know. It will be interesting to find out.

  4. Some of her cookbooks sell on Amazon for $400. I'm not ready for that. Nothing less that $50. I will continue to search.