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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Gardeners

I always contemplate Jody's pictures of her gardens. The flowers, the trees, the vegetables, everything. She has so much going on. Over two acres of land. To me, that is very big as I have been an apartment dweller all of my life.

But still, we are both gardeners. It is just a matter of scale. Above, this is my garden. I have quite a green thumb when it comes to the indoor pot. Often, I have had to find homes for my plants because they have outgrown my humble homes. It can be difficult when "You only have so much room!" I have two windows. And neither of these windows are abundant in sun. But you would never know that with what grows within them. I just love sitting here staring at these lovelies. On watering days I pick through them, touch them to let them know that they are loved. They give me energy. They live.

And so do I~~~~


  1. I agree that the two huge north- and west-facing windows in your living room love plants. You could also try the south-facing guest bedroom window. There is some really great light in there. And then there's the sun porch.

    Didn't the single-family house you lived in for years and years in Manchester have gardens? I thought I remembered gardening areas there? And lawns?

  2. Yes, Milford St had peonies and roses and I did plant tomatoes. But they were not a focus as I had my business going and had little time to spend out there. I didn't spend any time weeding. I don't remember even having weeds. I did have a lot of birds there for awhile and fish.