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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bluebird bag

This was a long project which was mostly done at home. It is the first time I used DMC Perle cotton for embroidery. I have embroidered a lot over the years, but I have always used the standard floss and wool. This pattern called for perle cotton.

The detail came out very tight. I used a very tiny stitch so that it would hold longer due to the amount of friction it would have to endure being a bag. The perle cotton held up really beautifully while stitching. Now I want to do more projects using it.

Bluebirds nested in a cherry tree. I may embroider this again for Karen when she chooses the fabrics she wants to have. Amazingly, I didn't use a hoop to do this. With the stitches being so small, the fabric just sat on my fingers really steady and that is all the tension I needed. A great project for traveling. It will be a great display for the embroidery department at the store.

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  1. What a gorgeous bag! Love love love it!