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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Knot

The green is not to my liking. This is "The Knot" pin cushion. It is this plump little thing that is so very charming. I was sitting in my chair one evening trying to figure out a piece of hand work and there was a knot in my stomach as I struggled to get it right. I always go through this. I worry about my work. Whenever I tell people that I worry that my work will not be "acceptable" , I always get this return stare - "from you?!!!" Everyone thinks I am such an expert at everything. But I am not. I am constantly learning new things.

So here I was sitting with this knot in my stomach and I put it to fabric. Why not? Another cushion. These are the two greens that I am struggling with trying to get the green to come out right in the photograph. Believe it or not, both are the same cushion sitting on the same piece of paper.

This is the red version. At the end of each knot I have attached a button covered in kimono silk. The cushion itself is made from rayon chirimen fabric. The "new kimono fabric". We have a lot of it at the store. I would love to buy a yard of each, but it is not in the cards.

Just a bad series of pictures. This is the turquoise version. If I tilt my screen, I can actually see the true colors in all of these.

The first ones I made are below. You can see that they are not stuffed full. When I first made them I thought they couldn't be stuffed any more than that. Then I made one for a woman at work , Nancy, whom I adore, who helps me pick out batik fabrics for quilt projects. She does this on her own time and I thank her by making something for her. So I made her a knot. And I stuffed it very very full and found that I could barely tie it, but tie it I did and it looked fabulous. Forgive me, but it is like the difference between looking at Hugh Heffner and Johnny Depp. Know what I mean?

It just makes me giggle. I am still giggling. I am a woman after all.


  1. Very good explanation of your problem! I believe it's the white balance setting on the camera that is giving you these bad colors.