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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

In another space

I am remiss. It certainly has been awhile. I have been clearing things out, getting things done, earning some extra pennies, and concentrating on "The Store". I have sold a couple of cushions here on the side and one in the store. It got round to - OK. Now I have to figure it out for myself. I have been waiting forever for someone to come along who would set up the store for me. So my very very clever niece Caroline came along and said she would get it together. She set up eight items and then let me know through my sister that she had to end because she was very busy and I would have to finish the project myself. I think it took me three solid days to figure it out for myself. Denise, my sister, said she would help if I needed. But when I get stubborn, that's it. I hunkered down with ten pots of coffee and a pack of cigarettes and figured out how to size down the pictures, describe them, price them, re-price them, on and on and on. Everyone says - it's easy. Just follow the steps. Huh.

So now I am designing new ones, getting the photos taken. What I don't understand is, I put a cushion down on a white surface and when the photo is taken, the white comes out yellow. I cannot get green to come out green. I took a hundred pictures of this one green knot and I can't get it to look the same green as what it is. ehhgh. It ended up that my phone took a better green on it, so that is what I'll be entering.

I am trying to be peaceful, but everything is upside down. I am here today. I have no idea where I will in the coming week. My sister and I are floating beneath a dark cloud and nothing is certain.

I have to move back to New Hampshire but I have nowhere to stay. Who do I ask. When I left to come here my spirit was completely disassembled. I have spent seven years coming into this wonderful self that I am now. But leaving to return on such short notice is removing a bit of my confidence.

The spirit is at risk.


  1. now this may seem like a stretch, but is there a Buddhist monastary in NH that you can petition? You need to find a situation such as what we knew at Migdale - your fine services for room board and salary. I'm going to start looking for you. I love you - try not to live in a state of anxiety - it's no good for your spirit.

  2. Let me know what I can do to help,please.