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Sunday, June 6, 2010

I've been thinking

You are not alive

Unless you know

You are living!

Written on the wall of Mondigliani's studio

There is so much in preparation. I have never taken the time in my life to understand certain things. Let us take the camera. "Stop the car!", I would shout. I could see the tree with tremendous form, out there in the field before the backdrop of the late day sky scape. Stop the car and take out the camera. I could even direct the photographer. But I could never take the picture. No, that was always someone else's job. Shoot it! Shoot it!

So now, I must become the photographer and it is frustrating. Lights. It is all about lights, isn't it. I can make the most beautiful things in the world, but if the lighting is wrong, how will I present them?

I know that once I figure it out, it will become easy. I know. I know. It is just tat getting there is so exhausting to me. I can do anything with a spool of thread and a piece of fabric. But technology? I just shut down~~~~~


  1. try repositioning the angle of the actual camera once the image seems correct. Tilting the camera ever so gently to allow in or out light makes a very subtle difference. Reading the manual is key, even though it sucks! You have an impressive eye - once you scale these little challenges I expect to see GREAT shots!
    call me

  2. Caroline wrote that you sent her an incredible batch of pictures and sounded very excited about what you've accomplished with your camera. Good job!! Now you need a second set of batteries that you can use while the others are charging!

  3. Hi Pauline! Check out this great little tutorial on taking photos of product!