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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Moon

I could have called it "The Pie" , "The Pillow", "The Round Thing", "Flying Saucer". All too tacky. But I had just finished "Nature", the cushion shaped as a leaf. I was thinking to keep this more gentle, I should call it by a more spiritual name. Then the thought came. New Moon. I will be using only rare batiks. The piping is done in silk, and the button is covered in kimono silk. That certainly doesn't sound like it should be called "The Pie". It is a simple little thing and feels really nice in the hand. There is something very irregular about it. Everything is always so perfect. Has to be so perfect. I like this one.


  1. lemon meringue pie under a glass is irresistable - these are NEEDFUL and should be displayed under a huge cloche on the counter of a special shop - where the owner will have to constantly replace them. Your work is divine. Please don't stop.