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Sunday, September 18, 2011


One of the things I love when I am dressmaking is the challenge of making points. Excuse the fact that this is not on a mannequin. I am currently without one.

This dress had 51 cuts of fabric between the fabric, lining and interfacing. So just cutting took over three hours. Then almost every line of stitching was top stitched. The instructions wanted me to make 1/4 inch top stitching. But I don't like Jeans top stitching, so I always go for the barely 1/8 inch stitching. It is more elegant. I struggled with the pockets because they didn't lay flat on the skirt until I realized that they were designed this way.

This is the zipper. Zippers always intimidate people. But I love them. For the most part, I always get the sides to meet on the first try. I don't like undoing and re-setting a zippers. So I try to make sure I get it right on the first try. This one went in smoothly even though I had a lot of meeting points.

This is the side seam. So you can see that all of your seams have to be stitched the same otherwise they just don't join properly. The top stitching is done at the time of the stitching of the seams. So even the top stitching has to be the same. I am sure this dress is going to look great on the mannequin especially if they put bra cups in the bust. It will need bra cups.

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