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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Making Toys

I just love this horse. The green horse was the first and I thought maybe the body was too thin and so I thickened it in the purple one. The horse is 7 inches high.

So it looks really good. I didn't trim the hair neatly. It's a toy not a showpiece. I like the irregularity of it and children just want to hold these. I made this color for a boy.

So this is the original, thinner one. In the end, I liked this one better. So when I create the pattern I will include both so people can have a choice. It is just as cute as can be. Any little girl would love this I believe.

This is the elephant. Three pieces. Front, back, and ear which is sewn in between the first two. This is for a boy. It is 6 inches high and has a braided yarn tail. I found some really cheap yarn online and ordered some basic colors. Really cheap. This will allow me to make hair and tails when I need to. Yarn can be expensive and I don't have any leftovers suitable for these projects.

This is the little girls version. You can see that I top stitched the ears and then I stitched in a heart. When I created the ear I layered it with a piece of thin batting. You can almost see the heart in the boy version. I am wondering if I should make them bigger. But if I do, then will the toys be able to be made with scraps. I am not an accomplished quilter and so do not have quilting cottons readily available to me. So far, I have designed these to fit the possible scraps a quilter might have. And Fat Quarters. These cottons came from my one of my sisters who made a series of scrubs for my little sister. I have quite a bit to work with. But does one ever have enough?

I can just imagine the children's thin tiny arms clutching these toys while getting their treatments and being so happy to have them. That is my vision.


  1. I must have an elephant of my own. I will be sending fabric and wool. Please do not deny me!!!!

  2. I would make you a hundred elephants. You have shared so much with me, Jody.

  3. I absolutely love the elephant, the choices in fabric are beautiful!