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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mom's Birthday

Whether she likes it or not, Mom gets a birthday every year. Now, we all really know that she loves the attention, but she will never admit it. And I am told that she does not like to have her picture taken unless she has a piece of chocolate in her mouth or some ice cream. So this is the closest out of all the pictures I took that looks like a smile. It is her 87th birthday.

This is Hyrum who I had not met. Melanie's youngest son. I had seen hundreds, hundreds of pictures of him running through the house, captain of his universe, in and out of diapers, posing as little boys do, making sure that any even tiny little space he occupied was the most exciting place to be. But it has been awhile since I have seen any pictures. And now he appears here and he is tall, quiet and shy,and ten years old. Oh my!!

This is Melanie, his mother, my first niece who was also the princess of her own universe when she was just a baby, and little girl. And now she is all grown up and being very enthusiastic about the world she lives in. Not like me at all who tends to ignore the outside world in favor of creating a surrounding of artistic views to ward away the realities of the disharmony of the world outside my doors.

I didn't photo dinner because I was busy in the kitchen. We had Chicken Cordon Blue, with a root dish of thinly sliced potatoes, summer squash, and I think tomatoes. These were layered on a dish and drizzled with oil, dill, and cheese and baked in the oven. Oh, and there was a layer of onions which I caramelized on the stove which was layered on the dish before the raw vegetables were placed on them. Then there was a hot salad. I should have written down the recipes. My sister Suzanne had the recipes on her Ipad which was lovely, but I like paper. Something I can take home.

There was a lot of conversation during dinner and all while the festivities of the opening of gifts and the cutting of the cake. I didn't make this cake. I have to test my oven as it is old and not dependable. So my sister Linda ordered this cake and it was just a beauty. A perfect cake for my mother. Mom loves flowers and she was thrilled about this cake. Four layers of chocolate. No surprise - big smile!!!

Mom had a lot of gifts to open and loved everything. As much as she does not like fanfare, she really loves it.

She especially loved the opening of the boxes of Van Otis Chocolates. She got two boxes. She didn't want to share, but I insisted on having a piece as I have not had one in over a dozen year. Over a dozen years.

Mom loves wearing slippers and these were a special style that would be very comfortable on her feet.

Don't you remember when everyone was taller than you? Especially your great grandmother?

My most wonderful baby sister Linda who just had all her hair cut off. I just love it. Why isn't my hair this curly? Why is everyone's hair curly except mine?

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