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Saturday, September 24, 2011


These are my sewing and serger threads that I collected when I had my business in NH. They are Guterman threads when Guterman was a great thread. It is so wonderful to never have to go to the store to find a thread. There is really thin pickings in this area. I was appalled. Now I don't have to worry. And this is only one collection. I have a huge collection of silk threads, and threads you can't find in stores, all that I got wholesale. I haven't taken them out of storage yet. Those will come out in the spring when I move into a better apartment.

You can't buy threads like this unless you go to a supplier. They are all 1,000 yard spools as you can see on little cardboard cores. I got them for $2.69 a spool wholesale. Having a business gives one access to so much. There are about 350 spools here. Envy...


  1. Are these the threads I shipped? Do you want me to send the racks? Or are they better in the boxes?

  2. They are better in the boxes. I would not be able to put up the racks here. Les boites sont simplement parfaites, ma soeur.

  3. Je ne croyais pas que tu payes l'attention aux écrits ici, alors j'ai raté ta réponse. Merci et ton français est très bon!