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Thursday, September 8, 2011


This is George, my perfect husband/ex-husband. We are at this wonderful little cafe called "Extra Touch Gourmet". It is owned by an old friend of ours. They serve wrap sandwiches that are really divine always combining fruit with their meats and the freshness cannot be compared. Their soups are unrivaled. They do serve dinner fare, but not many. Mostly they are a breakfast and lunch service. They want me to work for them. Not too much pressure there!

Everyone wants to see my new glasses.  I have always wanted to wear black glasses. I have always envisioned the little black round ones but my eyesight makes them unavailable because the size of the lens  is too small for the prescription that I need. But I love these. They are heavy and definitive. They sit nicely on the nose and I love how I can see them when I look through them. I feel like everything is framed as though everything is a work or art. This picture George took while we were at the cafe.

This one I took

No one will believe this, but I now have fingernails. Two reasons might be possible. One, I haven't done any challenging work that would tug at my nails in over two months. My nails are fragile and they tear and snag easily. OR... the iron infusions I received last month have affected my nails and they are not as fragile anymore. A lack of iron in your system is supposed to affect your nails considerably causing them to form these breaking ridges downward.

Whatever the reason, I now have fingernails. Now although this is lovely, the problem with having them, is that I can't type as fast as usual. And the other problem is that I can take my tiny embroidery scissors and trim the ones on my left hand but when it comes to trimming the nails on my right hand it doesn't work. Now you all must be thinking that I am really being bubbleheaded here, but I have never had fingernails in my life. So the whole business of managing them is not a routine of mine.

OK, am I amusing you yet?


  1. Hi Paulina....I can't tell you how much I am enjoying following you on your blog! We go back to sewing next Wed....I miss seeing you there. I am doing a lot of wool and embroidery but will start a new quilt I guess with Julie. I love the blog "The Daily Fiber" thanks to you....I would love to meet her! Don't panic when you see "Dave" it is really me look great in the glasses!

  2. Wow, great glasses! How is your new prescription? Wonderful to see George too. You two seem to be having a wonderful time together.

  3. You look great in your new glasses. That's funny because I was working on a post about glasses. Well I took some pictures and then thought I should make a post about this. Will do soon. Thanks for your visit to my "The Cloth Side of Me" blog. I enjoyed your comment.