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Sunday, September 18, 2011


Over the years my sister Suzanne has collected some lovely Asian art. This is a tiny fabric piece that is so beautifully woven. I can only imagine it was woven specifically for this purpose. It is stretched over a cut piece of a thin piece of wood or fiber board.

Other ones like the red. It gives me all kinds of possibilities when it comes to displaying some focal areas of my collection of kimonos in order not to lose the intensity of the art of the weave and the painting of the fabrics. And also, I noted that the frames are not ornate. They are simple.

For two or three years I created these rice paper calendars that I hand printed each month. Each page had a thin paper upon which I placed a cut piece of hand made paper and a clipping of vintage kimono silk. It was my hope that these pages could be turned into cards or some sort of art work such as this. I think Suzanne did a lovely job with these nine months.

I have admired moss for years. I have never seen it grown like this. Simple pieces placed in a lovely dish and just kept moist. I am now looking for a dish of my own so I can grow some just like this. I love the contrast of the blue and vibrant green. The simplicity of it. Just beautiful.

I was drawn to this first by the bowl. And when I saw it up close, I saw that it was just a few tiny plants set in an incredible old dish. Suzanne is a genius.

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  1. I really really enjoy the nine framed fabric swatches! The fabrics are stunning and the simplicity of this piece with all the patterns of the fabrics works so well together. Absolutely beautiful!