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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Best Dress

I should have sent this out a week ago. But the days pass and where the time goes? I am told that I have no business dealing with time. That the moment is all I have and what I do with it is up to me. That if time passes without notice, then it is myself to blame for filling time with useless idle activity. Perhaps. Perhaps. I should not spend so much time thinking about time because it is only a waste of time to think about time when I could be doing something more important, like making this sweet little dress ahead of time.

So it put it into shipping on Friday the 20th in hopes that it arrives in NH on Tuesday the 24th.

And why is it not more traditional? What exactly is a traditional Thanksgiving dress? I walked around the store for almost an hour looking for something that called out "Thanksgiving" and nothing spoke. So I thought, maybe it is not about brown, orange and green. This little baby of mine is only nine months old! Thanksgiving colors just don't fit a baby that young. Brown, orange and green are for old people like me and even I don't wear them all together. Leave it for the dinner table!

I go through this all the time. I hope Stacy, Zoey's mom, likes it. I hope everyone finds it cute. What if everyone hates it and she doesn't wear it for the holiday? What if everyone thinks I am totally off my rocker with this print? And then when they get it, they are totally happy. Still I worry. But I know it will be just fine.

It's just a cute dress,no?

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