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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Half Hour Project

Julie and Georgia went to NY last week for a vendor's expo and of course, did some shopping while there. They came back with all kinds of ideas of things for me to make. This was one of them. It was an expensive little tee which I made for what - $11? It was easy to match the frills on the side seams. It's just a matter of how you cut. The black trim is a pre-folded elastic which I applied once I removed the seam allowance. This piece is not even hemmed as I just cut the base fabric away from under the frill and let the frill be the hem. DONE! A sweet little thing to wear for any event whether formal of just to the office. And we have this fabric in so many colors. It will sell fabric well. I want to make a little brocade short skirt to go with it. I cut a picture out of a fashion magazine of this cute little number that is simple. Waist band, pleats at the waist, curved in just above the knee. The two pieces would look great together. We'll see what the decision might be. It is never totally in my hands unless I am given creative liscence.


  1. the design decision-making should always be in your capable hands - what's wrong with those people? They should drop and bow when you pass by. Why didn't they bring you to NY? I could have met you there! I wish that I could wear something as elegant as this tee.

  2. Actually, the style of this and the fabric could actually worn by anyone. If i were so inclined, I could even wear this. With sleeves of course. I really should buy a couple of yards and make myself one just to show people how forgiving the fabric and the design is. It is the perfect blouse.