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Sunday, November 22, 2009

For the Love of Silk

Silk Dupioni. I have had this project on my table for maybe a month. I almost forgot it was there. How dare I?!. This is another circumstance where machine applique was required. I made sure the edges were smooth and I matched the threads perfectly. If I was making this pillow sleeve for myself, I would have hand appliqued. But, it is for the store and I am time focused. And there is no time to work on this at home. It's Christmas. I have much to do and I have already agreed to undertake a home project for the store. The pillow is covered with silk.

The pattern calls for a 13" pillow form although the cover is 14 inches. And, because it is dupioni silk, I completely lined the sleeve instead of lining only the circle piece. Why would a designer only indicate to line just one side of the sleeve? Especially with something that is made with silk? How absurd? So many flaws in pattern-design. I want to put myself out there as a pattern refiner. You design it, I will test it out for completeness.

So this little piece came out well. It was a project given to me from Marge who is the Craft Department Manager. She lightly mentioned that if I made it in a blue-way, she would love to take it home when it comes off of display. So, that I did.

Silk. The deep breath of how happy these little worms make me.

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