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Sunday, November 22, 2009

For The Children

I love making things for children. These little creatures are called "amigurumi" animals. The concept comes from Japan. They are crocheted and are very small and awkward to construct. You almost have to be an experienced fiber person. If I had the time, I would make hundreds of these and just give them away. They are fun to make and they bring smiles to the faces of those who touch them.

The quilt was wild to make. The pattern itself was in a colorway totally different from what I was given. So this was a total stretch for me to put together. I keep saying I am not a quilter. I am NOT a quilter. And.... I had never done the machine satin stitch quilting before. It took some practicing before hand. I have seen pieces that the more 'experienced' quilters have done and their satin stitch was loose and not always even. I was not sure that I liked it. Of course you would not notice those features standing away from the quilt. But if you were to wash it, would the fabric fray within the loose satin stitch? So I thought, this is a child's quilt and will have to go through multiple washing and so I should give it a nice tight stitch. Remember, this is my first applique piece such as this.

The approval board was happy and I gained more experience in what appears to me to be a rather broad horizon of the quilting universe.


  1. if i cannot have one of your amigurumi giraffes, I may perish - seriously. This trend has caught on back east too - the Vassar students are making them in droves, but none as nice as yours. You are going to have to stop disclaiming yourself as "Quilter". Listen to me: YOU. ARE. A. QUILTER. And one with extreme talent. Got it? Get it!

  2. I will make you a giraffe. It is absolutely the cutest. I have difficulties considering myself a quilter because I agonize over every piece I make. I have little confidence in my work. I still need a lot of positive feedback to assure me that i did a good job or to teach me techniques, or to criticize my work so I can do better on the next piece. Do you know what I mean?