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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Why Socks~~~

Why is it that people only want to knit socks? I can't seem to get anyone to go past socks. I had knitting class tonight. Five women and my wonderful little nine year old. Everyone wants to knit socks. Next week I am going to bring in the lace stole I am working on. I am going to press it so you can see it in its glory with the very expensive needles I am using to knit this. I am going to get some of these women to play with yarn. I am going to photograph some sample lace patterns and I am going to give them needles and balls of yarn and then hope that during the holiday week, they will play with the patterns and yarn and think of working with something other than socks. Now, socks are wonderful and I love wearing mine, but do something other than knit two pearl two for god's sake. Let's do something charming. And let's get away from those multi-colored yarns. Let's turn our socks into blooming flowers. Let us make socks so beautiful we don't want to give them away.

I was very lucky. Walking to class there was just a small wind. And returning home, the wind was minimal and the rain not really invasive. But I can see that that has all changed. It is pretty severe out there. I was spared. On the news, the weather was quite grand all over the city. I am so lucky. My sister Denise who lives on a trawler says her weather is pretty awful. She lives on the river. Some people have power outages with wind as high as 80 mph. I want to move to the woods.

I want to put myself out there to one of those dating places. I want a rich man who does not want sex. Has lots of property and does not need me to clean it. Who will enjoy my company for the colorful person that I am. Who will not expect me to work so that I can spend all my time working fibers. Who is technologically savvy so that I don't have to know everything about my computer. Who doesn't need for me to wake up before noon. Who loves food so I can cook a lot. Who can hire someone to grow the garden so all I have to do is go out there and pick the flowers, vegetables and herbs I need every day. Who has a house in the country big enough so that my friend Jody can live with us. She can do the garden. But neither of us want to clean the house. Someone who doesn't mind if I make his shirts. I love great shirts. A man who wants to learn how to play Mahjong with me. And cribbage and backgammon. A man who wouldn't mind sitting in the sewing room while I worked so we could have that quiet time together.

Is this too much to ask?


  1. Oh HELL no, it isn't too much to ask. I think though, that this perfect man may not exist. One can hope. It's important to know what you desire as whatever you are seeking is ALSO seeking you - and you wouldn't want to pass each other w/o recognizing the same. Hurry up and find Mr. Right so that I can start packing!

  2. How many people are there on this earth? You would think that one of these people would be like, EXACTLY what I am looking for. Oh, and he can't be a bleeder. I don't do blood very well. So, he has to be good with blood. The thing is, people put all these lies on their profiles. So, if I put EXACTLY what I am looking for, how can I go wrong!