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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Knitting Class

Every week at the end of my knitting class, I like for everyone to put their name on a little piece of paper and I have someone pick a name and I give something away. What I have been carrying around with me for decades is a "ditty bag". My father had one always with him on his sail boat filled with his tools of the trade. Tools to splice line, special thread and needles to repair sails, pencils, a notepad, a little compass, different things that he would need at hand by his side. I have one filled with stitch markers, needle gauges, special needles, point tips, cable needles, stitch holders, everything I need is right there. When I get to class,the first thing I do is empty it onto the table because I know I am going to use these things. So, for this week's free raffle, I have made this little ditty bag. It is a black woven heavy cotton with gold butterflies and dragon flies. The draw string is green silk. I think this class is going to love this week's prize, eh!


  1. such a glorious idea - your students are so lucky to have someone as extraordinarily gifted as you are. I wonder if they know what a gem they have? I wish I lived in your windy city - I would come and be instructed and I would love every moment.

  2. They are thrilled with the whole raffle concept especially that it is free. And they love the little stories behind the give-away. We always have to pay for everything. I think it is wonderful to get something for free for a change. And what did it take? A half hour to make this bag? I think being a teacher, I will always do this whether I teach here or on the East Coast, I think I want it to be one of my reputation points. I just love the idea of getting something for free.