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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Carpet Bag

This is a wonderful bag. It is huge and would carry some great projects around for needling while attending an event that would allow you the time to ply the needles. It is time consuming to make because there are a lot of pieces to the pattern, a lot of steps. I have made this bag before for display in the store but the fabrics are no longer available. So we decided, since it is a good seller, to re-make it using Moda Home fabric which is very heavy and a bit difficult to work with. I used the iron on batting in the outer fabric instead of the lining because I wanted the outer fabric to be really heavy in this application. There is no information on how to handle the bottom of the bag as far as making it sturdy, so I went into the warehouse and had the boys cut me a piece of board that the fabrics are wound around, the same dimention as the bottom of the bag. Then I made a sleeve for it the same as the lining. This makes the bottom of the bag totally solid so that you can put anything into it. If I were to change anything in the pattern it would be the strap. There is only one. When you put this over your shoulder, it causes the two sticks to distort. What was the pattern maker thinking?

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