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Thursday, December 10, 2009

From a Book

This is another "four bolt project". There is no piecing involved. It is just a printed fabric. I was browsing our book section when I came across "Skinny Quilts & Table Runners" and saw the quilt on the cover with the swirls. It is a very complicated piece. And way beyond my abilities. Of course everyone would tell me I am mistaken. But I was inspired by the swirls on the table runner. You make very narrow bias and apply it to the finished quilt. So I am thinking, I can cut a yard and a third of this bolt fabric, layer batting very carefully matching the print top and bottom and then apply a binding. Then, using the Clover bias tape which already has the iron on fusible web, I first marked the spirals then applied the tape. There are 11 yards of tape to each package of Clover tape. And it comes in a varied range of colors. The one I chose for this runner was in earth tones which exactly matched the colors of the fabric and it came out really wonderful. I think it took me maybe four hours to make. I didn't have to match a backing because the cut piece provided its own backing. I cut 3/8'ths of a yard for binding. The only real cost was the Clover tape which was $17. It's a beautiful runner for the money and time.

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