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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Microwaves and leftovers

OK, so, I finally broke down and bought a microwave. There was a cute little red number that was the perfect size and color. However, it was the same make as the one that I had for 14 months that died. So why would I buy but another made by the same company? And it is not like I use the microwave every day, several times a day and that I cook everything I eat in the damn thing. I am not a frozen dinner person. I don't thaw foods in the microwave. Maybe I will put the heat on ice cream for a few seconds. Mostly heat up a cup of coffee. Heat up left overs. I love left overs. When I cook, I always cook a lot so that I can have leftovers for work and for meals.

About size, this one is big. Very big. Look at how it dwarfs my coffee pot! I had to completely rearrange the kitchen which is tiny to begin with. I thought it would never work. But, there it is, looking like it was made for that counter. What I like about this one and what I will always consider in the future, is that it has a door handle instead of a push button for opening the door. On the unit that broke after 14 months it had a button that you had to push that was so difficult to push that I ended up having to put the microwave on a rubber mat so that it would stay in place every time I opened it. It was ridiculous. Why do designers design components that are so people-unfriendly?

There are so many things that I handle and I wonder to myself - This is so stupid! It doesn't work. It doesn't make sense! What were they thinking when they designed this? There was a sewing machine I recently bought and ended up bringing it back. If you put your arm in the wrong place, you would change the entire stitch lineup of what you were working on. The button hole maker was not even primitive. It was simply inadequate. I have seen $100 sewing machines that made better button holes. And this was a Pfaff machine - supposedly well respected! What~~~~ I ended up being so frustrated with this thing that I got a friend to pick me up and I marched into the store that sold it to me and plunked it down and I said "I can't believe you sold me this knowing me as well as you do!" They asked me who sold it to me and when I told them Bill, they just looked at each other and brought the machine to the fixer-man.

So, I went back to the brand that I have had for a couple of decades and there it sits on my sewing table with everything in place and its simplicity. I know. Pfaff. Well known, well respected, a great following. But even greatness can breed errors. Denying it is the worse tragedy.

And that is that for today

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