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Monday, December 21, 2009

Learning to walk

I realized earlier this year that my shoes are really scuffed in some very odd places. I have never seen this wear in my shoes in the past. When did my walk change? It had to be in the past few years because I have never seen this before. And the heels are terribly worn on the outside. And these are not old shoes. When did my walk turn into a shuffle?

So I have become very mindful of my walk. Especially when it is outdoors to any distance. I can tell I have been successful as I can feel it. I can feel the flat of my shoes. I need to have them re-soled. They rarely scrape each other, and when they do, I notice it and become mindful again as it is a sign that I have returned to shuffling. Is it old age do you think? I watch the women at work who are over weight and I see how they walk and I really don't want to be like that. I want to be graceful. I want to glide on the ground not push the dirt I walk on. Know what I mean.

Then a couple of weeks ago, having finally recovered from a sore neck that I think was the result of stress, I realized that I now walk hunched over. This is a difficult one. Walking flat with my shoulders back is a stretch on my mindfulness. But I am determined. Bone deterioration begins by poor posture and bending them out of shape. You open the pores of the bones and subject them to all sorts of problems. So I am now working diligently on the posture. Very important. I will talk more as I go along. We all have to check this out. My sister seems to have a good hold on this. It seems natural for her. It always has. But she has always been so pretty. So natural. She doesn't think so, of course. So humble she is.

The breath of Christmas is in the air. My husband George has not received the box I sent him over two weeks ago. I am disappointed. In the news, they said one out of every 10 packages will be lost in the mail this season. Goog god!!!

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